How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Artificial Intelligence

Instructor: S.A. Chavarría

Date: Mondays, starting August 21

Time: 5:30-7:30 pm

Engage with the transformative power of artificial intelligence. This series offers participants a comprehensive view of AI's technical components and its deep influence on human thought, creativity, and societal structures, with each session anchored in empirical research and keen understanding.

Session One: The Technologies of Language and Introduction to AI

Our first session shines a spotlight on language's transformative role in shaping human consciousness, communication, and understanding. We'll unpack the core mechanisms of AI, tracing their history, evolution, and profound influence on human psyche. Embracing AI's potential, we'll explore how it unlocks novel avenues of creativity, innovation, and expression.

Session Two: AI's Cognitive Landscape

This session focuses on AI’s ability for pattern recognition, its approach to ambiguities, and inherent biases, setting these against the backdrop of human cognition's complexity. Additionally, we examine the intriguing point where human creativity meets AI, discovering the opportunities this merger presents.

Session Three: Symbiosis vs. Dependency in AI Collaboration

Here, participants will engage with the delicate balance between working alongside AI and the potential pitfalls of undue reliance. This discussion opens up a fresh ethical perspective, encompassing not just the ethics of authorship but also the ethics of active collaboration with an evolving AI consciousness. Participants will also explore how AI can augment human capabilities, leading to a transformative understanding of authorship and creativity.

Session Four: Sparks of AGI

Our concluding session delves into the philosophical realms of Artificial General Intelligence. Reflecting upon its potential impact on intelligence, consciousness, and human-AI dynamics, we'll envision the boundless future of AI-driven creativity and the expanding domain of human-machine co-creation.

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